Southern Response Payment Top Ups

Thousands of homeowners may be eligible for a further cash payment for their earthquake-damaged homes, arising from the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.

If you settled your claim with Southern Response before 1 October 2014, you may be eligible for further compensation under a government package that is currently being rolled out.


It is estimated that up to 3000 homeowners who held AMI Insurance were affected by the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010/2011 and settled with Southern Response before 2014.  In August 2019, the High Court found these homeowners were likely to have been underpaid due to Southern Response engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct.

The Ross Class Action confirms homeowners have been misled 

The Ross Class Action found that Southern Response had misled homeowners following the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. It transpired that Southern Response’s project manager, Arrow, had produced several versions of scopes of repair, called detailed repair assessments (“DRAs”) and Southern Response commonly settled claims for the “cheaper” scope.

Should I opt out of the Southern Response Class Action? 

The Supreme Court determined that any member of the class action, as defined by the Court as any homeowner that settled a claim prior to 1 October 2014, is automatically in the Southern Response Class Action unless they take active steps to opt-out.

What will the Top-Up Payment from Southern Response cover?

The government has approved a package to cover certain items that may be missing from the scope that Southern Response used to settled homeowners’ claims.

This top-up payment includes: 

  • professional fees,  
  • contingencies,  
  • interest,  
  • and a contribution to legal fees. 

Can I make a claim if I settled with Southern Response after 1 October 2014? 

Shine Lawyers is also currently investigating claims that Southern Response settled after the 1 October 2014 cut-off, and/or separate to the government package. This extends to claims that differ as to scope, rather than the below line items identified above. Shine Lawyers can instruct independent experts to assess your claim, for either structural or non-structural damage assessments reports, if required.

How do I make a claim?

  1. Contact Shine Lawyers to see if you qualify on 0800 EQ CLAIM or [email protected] 
  1. If you have a copy of your DRA and/or settlement agreement, forward this to Shine Lawyers at [email protected] 
  1. Shine Lawyers will request your file from Southern Response under the Official Information Act 
  1. Shine Lawyers will review and advise you of your options, i.e. if your claim is confined to the ‘below line items’ and interest or whether you might be entitled to more money 

Why Choose Shine Lawyers to assist with my Southern Response Payment Top Up? 

Our expert earthquake damage insurance lawyers have successfully resolved hundreds of cases in the High Court Earthquake List and are the only New Zealand law firm that acts only for those insured, not insurers. Shine Lawyers is prepared to act on a no win/no fee basis* for Southern Response Payment Top Up claims.  This means you only pay if we win. Contact us today to find out if you’re eligible for a top-up payment and how we can support you.

We are here to help you right wrong.

*conditions apply

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