A guide to your entitlements following landslips/landslides

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Landslips, also known as landslides can cause significant damage to not just your land, but also your home. Below are some practical tips on what to do should you suffer a land slip at your property.

  • Contact Your Insurance Company or EQC (the Earthquake Commission)
    If your house or land is damaged, you may be able to make a claim with your insurance company or EQC. Your insurer will deal with claims where there is damage to property, such as buildings, and they will refer claims to do with land damage to EQC. Your insurer or EQC may arrange a series of experts including geotechnical engineers to assess your property. This may take some time, if you are unhappy with the delays to obtaining reports, you can seek EQC’s approval to obtain the reports yourself. Once this process has occurred, they will let you know what other professionals need to be involved such as builders and valuers.
  • Get Professional Advice
    If you are not happy with the advice of your insurer or EQC’s experts, you may consider engaging your own experts. You can do this by contacting a local engineering consultancy for advice or ask for a Professional Engineering Geologist (with PEngGeol registration) or Geotechnical Engineer (with CPEng registration). Shine Lawyers can also give you contact details of experts and help you navigate the claims process both with your insurer and EQC.
  • Hire Qualified Professionals
    Shine Lawyers have expert lawyers who have years’ of experience dealing with landslide claims. We can give you practical advice and guide you through the process of making a claim and review any offers you are made by EQC or your insurer. We can also help you engage experts and instruct engineers on your behalf.  It is important to use appropriately qualified professionals. You can hire a Chartered Professional Engineer who specializes in geotechnical engineering or a Professional Engineering Geologist. Look for the qualifications CPEng (Geotechnical) or PEngGeol, administered by Engineering New Zealand.
  • Understand the Legal Requirements
    Landslips also cause damage to driveways, paths and retaining walls. While EQC generally covers damage to retaining walls, generally your insurer will cover damage to driveways and paths.  It is important to understand your legal rights if you have experienced a landslide. Contact Shine Lawyers if you are concerned that your land has caused damage to a neighbouring property, or you have sustained damage caused by someone else’s land encroaching on yours or if you are worried that there was a pre-existing reason for the landslide. Our experts can review your situation and give you advice.

If you need to repair after a landslide, or seek redress in regards to a landslide, Shine Lawyers recommend that you contact your insurance company, get professional legal advice, hire qualified professionals, and choose the right professional for the job. 

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