Owners of on-sold earthquake damaged homes have small window to bring a claim.

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Hundreds of ‘on-sold’ homeowners are living in dire circumstances as a result of botched Christchurch earthquake repairs. If you own an on-sold earthquake-damaged property, you may only have until August 2020 to seek compensation and ensure your property is fixed.

Read on to learn about on-sold properties and the legal avenues that are available to you.

What is an ‘on-sold’ home?

An “on-sold” home is one that was damaged in an earthquake, then inspected, assessed for repair, and/or repaired by Earthquake Commission (EQC), and then sold to a new owner.

There are hundreds of property owners who purchased a home in Christchurch that had been either inadequately inspected, scoped or repaired by EQC.  Many of these homeowners have relied upon certificates of completion of earthquake repairs signed off by EQC when purchasing their homes.

These on-sold homeowners have later discovered ongoing earthquake-related damage or below-standard assessing and repairs, and are now living in inappropriate conditions or are lumbered with owning a house that needs proper remediation.

I am the owner of a botched on-sold property. What are my options?

If you are the owner of an on-sold property that sustained damage as a result of the Christchurch earthquake, and the repairs or identification of earthquake damage to your property has been inadequate, you may only have until August 2020 to see compensation.

It is critical that you seek legal advice to ensure you receive your full insurance entitlement well before this deadline.

Shine Lawyers have represented hundreds of Cantabrians in claims against EQC and insurance companies across Christchurch. 

Our team of Earthquake Claim Experts recently achieved justice for more than 50 on-sold homeowners who were facing significant financial loss as a result of botched repairs. As a result of the litigation launched by Shine, the New Zealand Government launched a scheme where owners of on-sold properties could enter a process to have their houses fixed. 

We encourage all on-sold property owners to contact Shine Lawyers well before the August 2020 deadline so that we can help you to navigate this legal scheme, provide Christchurch earthquake legal advice, and help you in accessing the compensation that you deserve so that your home can be fixed.

Christchurch earthquake legal advice – how to enquire.

Shine Lawyers New Zealand have a wealth of experience in representing clients against insurance companies in the area of Christchurch earthquake claims. Our depth of experience ensures we are able to achieve the best result possible for hundreds of our clients, helping them get the outcome they need so they can move forward with their lives.

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